Toenail Care Tips From an Indianapolis Podiatrist

Our Indianapolis podiatry office sees 5 times as many toenails as it does feet and many of our first time patients find it challenging to keep them healthy. But if you follow some easy toenail care tips we provide our Indianapolis area patients, you too can have healthy and beautiful toenails. And if you’re tired of putting up with toenails that are unattractive, hard or difficult to cut, read on for simple tips that you can take advantage of today.

1. Keep Your Toes Clean

The most important step in caring for toenail care keeping them clean, dry and comfortable. If you want to really spoil your feet, invest in a good foot soak or scrub to clean and exfoliate your skin. Look for something with a good moisturizer like tea tree oil or aloe such as our ToeSoak foot shampoo to help keep your feet feeling fresh and clean. Make sure to wash well between your toes and pat your feet dry. Follow up with a good moisturizing treatment to keep your nails, toes and feet healthy.

2. Wear Shoes And Hose That Are Kind to Your Toes

Poorly-fitting shoes can make walking and exercising a chore and can also affect your toenail health too. Pressure from poorly-fitting shoes or hosiery can cause ingrown toenails and lead to painful infections, especially if you’re diabetic. Make sure you wear shoes that fit correctly and give your toes room to spread out comfortably. Orthopedic shoes and sandals from Drew, OrthoFeet and Pedors that are great for people with difficult to fit feet.

3. Cut Your Nails Carefully

Another toenail care tip is keeping your nails neat and short. It’s an easy way to safeguard against ingrown nails and may also reduce your risk of fungal infections. Invest in a good quality pedicure kit with a nail file, scissors and toenail clippers. Those with diabetes, neuropathy, or poor circulation should have their nails treated by a professional. If your nails are hard, brittle or difficult to cut, try trimming your nails after bathing, when your nails are softer. You can also find over the counter toenail-softening products that can temporarily soften, thick hardened nails to make cutting and shaping easier.

4. Keep Toenail Fungus at Bay

Toenail fungus can be one cause of hard, brittle or discolored nails. You can help safeguard your nails against toenail fungus by practicing good hygiene and avoiding exposing your feet to moist, warm environments. There are also a variety of over the counter foot products that can help you treat toenail fungus and keep your nails healthy. You can learn more about effective ways to treat Toenail Fungus here.

5. Feed Your Feet Well

You are what you eat. And if you want to see whether you’re eating a balanced diet, simply just ask your feet, and toenails especially. Eating a healthy, balanced diet, filled with minerals and vitamins can improve the appearance of your nails and help keep your nails looking healthy. For more information on vitamin rich foods that promote nail health toenail care, click here.

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