How Fixing Your Feet Can Fix Your Back – Advice From an Indianapolis Podiatrist

At one time or another, back pain affects 80% of Americans. In our Indianapolis podiatrist office, we often find patients that have both foot and back pain. For some long time back pain sufferers, eliminating causes of foot pain can provide relief from chronic back issues.

The back is one of the body’s main sources of strength, stability, and flexibility. From the moment you wake up, your back is integral in everything from tying your shoes, to getting in and out of your car, and even sitting comfortably in a chair. When your back hurts, your body hurts, which is why maintaining a pain-free back is the object of many doctors, chiropractors, and other therapists. Like many other body issues, a great deal of back pain can originate in the feet. The feet support a great deal of body weight, and absorb the forces that come from walking, running, and moving around in every way.

Sometimes, your feet can use a little help along the way, and there are a variety of simple solutions that can make your feet and back feel more comfortable. Arch supports can be inserted into almost any shoe to provide support. Sometimes they wrap around the foot helping lift and support the arch. Not only are they invisible inside your shoe, so they won’t hurt your style, but they provide extra support and help your feet maintain a proper alignment. Foot support and alignment are key in providing extra support for your lower back, as well as giving you the energy and strength needed to maintain proper posture, which not only helps strengthen your back, but can help ward off pain.

Arch pain can vary person-to-person, so you may want to investigate other treatments, such as arch bandages, which can help support fallen arches. Orthopedic sandals and shoes can also be worn to help with more constant arch pain. Often these have support built-in, so you don’t even have to remember to insert a separate support, or worry about misplacing them, or losing them to a rogue washer or dryer.

Another option are insoles, which can be 3/4-length or full-length support pads, sometimes made with gel, that provide support along the length of the foot. Insoles also help absorb shock in the heel, which can be another source of pain. If heel issues are causing you the most trouble, heel straights are available. These small pads not only ease heel pain, but also help you maintain good posture, alleviating back pain.

No matter which option you choose, there is a fit for your lifestyle and foot issues that can help improve the condition of your back, whether you spend your days standing, moving around, or sitting. A little support goes a long way—you might be surprised how much difference these seemingly simple fixes can make in the quality of your life.

Dr. Todd Mann Dr. Mann has been providing podiatry care for over 19 years. He grew up in Dayton, OH where he volunteered from the age of 10 at the nursing home where is mom was a nurse. He attended IU Bloomington to earn his undergraduate degree and then attended the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine where he graduated with honors. He started At Home Podiatry to provide high quality podiatry care to patients who had a difficult time leaving their homes. Dr. Mann is a Certified Wound Specialist. He is board certified by the American Board of Wound Management.

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