Managing Diabetes and Your Feet – Advice from An Indianapolis Podiatrist

You may not think of your local Indianapolis podiatrist as someone who works with patients dealing with diabetes but in fact it is incredibly common. Managing diabetes on your own can be tricky enough, without worrying about your feet, too. Many diabetics experience a loss of feeling in their feet and lower legs, due to poor circulation. This condition, whether partial or complete, is called neuropathy. Because you can’t always count on being able to feel normal irritations, when managing diabetes you must take special care of your feet. A regimen of socks, shoes, and diabetic foot products can not only ease your symptoms and protect your feet, but also allow you to enjoy activities, instead of worrying about your symptoms.

Diabetic Socks

Relief and protection for diabetic feet often starts with the first thing you put on–socks. In general, diabetic socks have fewer seams and extra padding, in order to protect and comfort your feet, and have non-binding tops to promote better circulation. Many diabetic socks also utilize moisture-wicking technology, keeping your feet dry, comfortable, and preventing irritation. Other perks of diabetic socks include special construction that helps to regulate your foot temperature, keeping them from getting too cold or too warm. Some diabetic socks are also anti-microbial, protecting your feet from bacteria that can cause odor or infection. Your podiatrist can recommend the specific diabetic sock that’s right for you.

Diabetic Shoes

Want to stay active, while also staying comfortable and taking good care of your feet? Diabetic shoes are part of the solution. These shoes are often specially constructed with a larger, often stretchable toe box than normal–this allows for extra room in case of swelling, and to prevent restriction of circulation. Many either allow for insertion of your favorite insole, or include orthotic support, and generally have extra padding around the heel and tongue for increased comfort.

Diabetic Foot Products

Your feet can also benefit from extra attention and care when you’re not out and about. Neuropathy creams can help increase blood flow to your feet, while also moisturizing and protecting your skin. Other foot creams can provide moisture to prevent dry skin, without the sticky or greasy after effects of non-diabetic foot products. Diabetic foot washes can eliminate bacteria and fungus on a daily basis–and are safe to use on diabetic feet. The important part about foot care products is to ensure they’re safe for use for managing diabetes. Consult with your podiatrist if you’re not sure. Paying attention to how your feet are feeling can pay off in the long run–increasing your quality of life, and your ability to enjoy time spent on your feet. Talk to your podiatrist about the right diabetic foot products for your feet.

Dr. Todd Mann Dr. Mann has been providing podiatry care for over 19 years. He grew up in Dayton, OH where he volunteered from the age of 10 at the nursing home where is mom was a nurse. He attended IU Bloomington to earn his undergraduate degree and then attended the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine where he graduated with honors. He started At Home Podiatry to provide high quality podiatry care to patients who had a difficult time leaving their homes. Dr. Mann is a Certified Wound Specialist. He is board certified by the American Board of Wound Management.

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