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Choosing a Proper Fitting Shoe

Choosing the right pair of shoes is important to anyone, but is especially important to those with uncomfortable and painful foot conditions. A bad shoe can worsen already existing problems such as arthritis in the feet, ankles, or hips. It can also cause new stresses to the feet in the form of bunions, blisters, or increasing pain in bones, joints, and soft tissue. Some key characteristics to consider when purchasing the right footwear are a good arch support or insole, room for adjustment (either in the form of a strap or laces), as well as a deep stable heel to hold your foot steady while in the shoe. Consider a shoe with a wide round toe box to make room for your toes without cramming them together, especially if you have crooked or contracted toes.  if you haIf you have very swollen feet or wear a brace in your shoe, consider a double depth or extra depth shoe.  


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